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Log in to the Farmasi website and have full control over your business. Virtual store with all products and check out their entire team.

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Exclusive website:

Do you want to have a promotional website like this?

Exclusive website:

Do you want to have a promotional website like this?

Have you ever thought about raising awareness of your business on Farmasi with a website like this? Now, this is possible!

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Below you can check some tools that you will have available when logging into Farmasi.

Customer service:

Here we have the customer support area. You can open a call for any problems or questions you have about our business.

Fast buy:

With this option you will be able to buy in your store faster. Just enter the name of a product and you can add it to the cart and complete the purchase more quickly.


In this option you can check all messages sent and received.
When publishing your affiliate link, visitors have the option of sending a direct message to you. This is where you can view these messages.

Personal data:

Change your personal details, add a photo to your affiliate website, change your address, bank account to receive commissions…

Finally, everything related to your data within Farmasi can be entered in this option.

Orders and returns:

The option for those who want to track their orders. You will be able to view all your orders placed on Farmasi and their status.

Team management:

Keep track of your entire team. You will be able to view the people you have registered with Farmasi, who has already placed an order, how many points they have made…

You will be able to have full control of your team when you log in to Farmasi.


Complete report on your commissions. If you have any commission to receive, the full report will be shown in this section.


When you log in to Farmasi you will also be able to view a complete report on your team’s movements and scores. How many points are left for you to achieve that desired goal.

What are the downlines with the highest results? Keep track of everything in this section of your Control Panel.

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